Yutaka takenouchi dating

26-Jan-2018 20:25

And this section would not be complete without the two Tony Leungs – both big Tony and small Tony are awesome, although their careers have branched out in different ways.I haven’t always liked small Tony’s recent film choices – Lust, Caution was pretty mehhh – but he remains one of the standout actors of his generation.*crosses fingers* [email protected] Two boys who grew up at an orphanage found their favourite teacher Yuiko murdered one night and the incident covered up by a policeman wearing a gold watch. Twenty years later, Ryuzaki Ikuo (Ikuta Toma) is a detective in the Shinjuku second police bureau investigating cases with Hibino Mizuki (Ueno Juri), while Danno Tatsuya (Oguri Shun) has become one of the leading members of the yakuza.As Ikuo and Tatsuya gain ground on uncovering the murderer’s identity, Mizuki begins to suspect the relationship between the two men…I also like Lee Jung-jae and Kim Kang-woo even if their recent works haven’t been particularly interesting.I have to admit I’m hard-pressed to select an outright favourite actress, but I’ll just name five ladies of whose works I’ve seen at least two and whom I’d want to grace my screen again: Jessica Hsuan, Ueno Juri, Esumi Makiko, Ayase Haruka and Jeon Ji-hyun.

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I’m delighted for her that she’s found her special someone, and she does look so blissfully happy in the above photo. I guess the relationship must have been very stable by then – they had apparently started dating around last autumn.

But Kuryu and Amamiya were a powerhouse and wacko legal team, mostly because of his unorthodox methods, and their chemistry was off the charts. Sena Hidetoshi & Hayama Minami (Long Vacation) Long Vacation is a classic J-drama everyone should watch, because it’s one of Kimutaku’s best works. Hirokawa Eiki & Egi Toko (Koori no Sekai) This is a couple blighted by her traumatic past, but Eiki is nothing if determined to uncover the truth so Toko can finally get her life back. Takenouchi Yutaka and Matsushima Nanako had some pretty sizzling chemistry here.