Worst cities for dating in america

09-Feb-2017 04:01

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A new report released by ranked the heart of Central New York as the most heartbroken city in America, less than 15% of single people are satisfied with the dating scene in the Salt City.According to the New York Post; Syracuse is the worst city for finding love--in terms of dating satisfaction--by a huge margin.Apparently, Milwaukee isn't just a great place to find beer and cheese curds.The Great Love Debate named Brew City "America's Best City To Find Love" for 2017.But if your 2018 goals are more along the lines of breaking that bad habit or maybe finding a new boo-- H-Town is one of the best places to be, thanks to the number of singles and active dating app users.Houston ranks 22nd for people looking to find love this year. According to Match, San Antonio men are 44 percent more likely to text a former lover after months of silence, tying with Los Angeles.

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Sure, we all know gaggles of Brew City couples – some happier than others – but we certainly hear a lot of the opposite, too: that Milwaukee, after a certain age, is a difficult place to find Mr.

Rounding out the top five places for "ghosts" are Los Angeles (54 percent); Baltimore (53 percent); and Nashville (52 percent).

Alamo City men are also likely to return from the dead and "zombie" someone.

That's almost three times better than Syracuse.

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The winter weather is probably the culprit here as the snow lasts too long."Milwaukee nabbed the top spot with its attractive population, vibrant social scene and the confidence within its dating community."It’s like Chicago without the downside," the news release announcing the findings said.The study looks at dozens of key metrics, like gyms per capita, income growth, employment outlook and access to health food stores to rank residents' likelihood of self-improvement.