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While Lee had not been involved with the cougar community before winning the Miss Cougar America title and went into the cruise with an open mind, because of the heavy drinking and partying, she said it “wasn’t [her] kind of cruise.” “I don’t really drink and I wasn’t interested in jumping in the sack with a drunk guy,” said Lee.“I just kind of enjoyed watching everybody else do whatever they were doing.“I don’t think anybody, even if they’re the same age, JUST wants to have sex …

The twice married Lee won tickets to the cruise after she was crowned Miss Cougar America at the 3rd National Cougar Convention in New York City. A little more willing to choose instead of waiting to be chosen.” She added that many of the men were drinking heavily on the ship in order to "keep their courage up" when facing flirtatious older women.“It is a very party-like atmosphere, and it serves a purpose for a part of society that has been there all along and getting stronger and more prevalent," Thomas wrote in an e-mail. Men have always dated younger women and society accepts it (to a point); this is the reverse!” The Cougar-Cub Dynamic According to Thomas, cougar cruises generally have a 50/50, if not male-heavy, gender ratio -- unlike most singles events, which are usually predominantly female.“The gentlemen I saw who were attractive got latched on to immediately,” said Lee. “It’s not like when guys are pursuing younger women or women their age.

The dynamics change a little bit, and these are older women who are probably more secure and more confident, but also maybe more desperate,” said Lee, a retired graphic and industrial artist.While Gosse had experimented with hosting events for older women and younger men in the past, he said they only gained traction when he labeled them “cougar events” that year.The term cougar was popularized in 2002 by Valerie Gibson when she released her best-selling book “Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men.” Although Thomas was initially fearful that her company would receive negative backlash, three years later, she said she’s glad she took the chance.Either way, Manderino maintains that the ship’s hookup culture isn’t any different than what you would find on any other singles trip.