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When asked to name her most embarrassing in-ring moment, she said, “That would be when I had a wardrobe malfunction.” “We were on top of the announce table I think and [Triple H] went to put me in the Pedigree and I was wearing something that was apparently too low-cut — even though I was taped in,” Stephanie recalled.

“So in the Pedigree, you’re bent over and both arms are tied behind your back, and I am now looking at my own breasts that are exposed.

Naturally, many have wondered if she would ever follow Sable, Chyna, Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle, Maria Kanellis and others by posing nude for In 2002, Stephanie gave her thoughts on this fantasy during a chat session with fans. “Anytime we can expand our reach outside of our audience in a place our audience is not normally found is a good thing for the WWE brand,” Stephanie said in was one of those times because suddenly we were mainstream.

“I don’t know, at this point in my life, probably not. We were competing in a space that we had never been in before.” While Stephanie has never posed naked, she has fallen victim to a few wardrobe-related mishaps at WWE shows.

See the most revealing moments of Stephanie over the years, including a few wardrobe malfunctions… → Stephanie Mc Mahon was once asked during a chat session whether she would follow in the footsteps of other WWE women by posing nude for . Did Stephanie Mc Mahon Have A Relationship With Randy Savage?

The thought of actually seeing someone as attractive as Stephanie Mc Mahon without any clothes on is enough to send your average WWE fan into a head spin. Both Chyna and Sable did follow-up spreads under their real names and sales were brisk, but not as high as before.After she kicked Triple H in his injured leg while he was brawling with Jericho, Hunter tossed her on the announce table.“The Game” was about to Pedigree her through the table when Jericho hit him in the leg with the Undisputed Championship.When Stephanie bent over for the Pedigree, her breasts popped out of her low-cut leather top.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, which led to the nip slip.However, moments before the ceremony was due to take place (in the middle of the ring on on February 11, 2002), Triple H got a phone call from Linda Mc Mahon telling him that Stephanie lied about being pregnant. You don’t have to worry about ‘us’ any longer, because as of this moment, Stephanie, our marriage … Stephanie’s tears turned to fury as she began screaming at Triple H.Triple H waited until just the right moment in the ceremony to explode. In response, he shoved her down to the canvas, causing her to have a nip slip.Stephanie Mc Mahon’s Embarrassing Nip Slips → Over the course of her career in WWE, Stephanie Mc Mahon has suffered a few humiliating wardrobe malfunctions resulting in the accidental exposure of intimate areas.