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Blass indeed urges that the various readings in the MSS.

of Mark, and the variations in Patristic quotations from the Gospel, are relics of different translations of an Aramaic original, but the instances he adduces in support of this are quite inconclusive. On the whole, the vocabulary of the Second Gospel points to the writer as a foreigner who was well acquainted with colloquial Greek, but a comparative stranger to the literary use of the language. Mark's style is clear, direct, terse, and picturesque, if at times a little harsh.

The vocabulary of the Second Gospel embraces 1330 distinct words, of which 60 are proper names. (ataks legomena) are not relatively numerous in the Second Gospel, they are often remarkable; we meet with words rare in later Greek such as eaten, paidiothen, with colloquialisms like kenturion, ksestes, spekoulator, and with transliterations such as korban, taleitha koum, ephphatha, rabbounei (cf Swete, op. The style is often most compressed, a great deal being conveyed in very few words (i, 13, 27; xii, 38-40), yet at other times adverbs and synonyms and even repetitions are used to heighten the impression and lend color to the picture.

Eighty words, exclusive of proper names, are not found elsewhere in the N. Mark's words, 150 are shared only by the other two Synoptists; 15 are shared only by St. Clauses are generally strung together in the simplest way by kai; de is not used half as frequently as in Matthew or Luke; while oun occurs only five times in the entire Gospel.

On the one hand among slaves and the trading classes there were swarms of Greeks and Greek-speaking Orientals. Equally improbable seems the view of Blass (Philol.

On the other hand in the higher ranks it was the fashion to speak Greek; children were taught it by Greek nurses; and in after life the use of it was carried to the pitch of affectation" (Sanday and Headlam, "Romans" p. of the Gosp., 196 sqq.) that the Gospel was originally written in Aramaic. also Allen in "Expositor", 6th series, I, 436 sqq.) merely show at most that Mark may have thought in Aramaic; and naturally his simple, colloquial Greek discloses much of the native Aramaic tinge.

Thus we are told (I) how Jesus took Peter's mother-in-law by the hand and raised her up (i, 31), how with anger He looked round about on His critics (iii, 5), how He took little children into His arms and blessed them and laid His hands upon them (ix, 35; x, 16), how those who carried the paralytic uncovered the roof (ii, 3, 4), how Christ commanded that the multitude should sit down upon the green grass, and how they sat down in companies, in hundreds and in fifties (vi, 39-40); (2) how James and John left their father in the boat with the hired servants (i, 20), how they came into the house e Simon and Andrew, with James and John (i, 29), how the blind man at Jericho was the son of Timeus (x, 46), how Simon of Cyrene was the father of Alexander and Rufus (xv, 21); (3) how there was no room even about the door of the house where Jesus was (ii, 2), how Jesus sat in the sea and all the multitude was by the sea on the land (iv, 1), how Jesus was in the stern of the boat asleep on the pillow (iv, 38); (4) how on the evening of the Sabbath, when the sun had set, the sick were brought to be cured (i, 32), how in the morning, long before day, Christ rose up (i, 35), how He was crucified at the third hour (xv, 25), how the women came to the tomb very early when the sun had risen (xvi, 2); (5) how the paralytic was carried by four (ii, 3), how the swine were about two thousand in number (v.

13), how Christ began to send forth the Apostles, two and two (vi, 7).

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Peter himself, and that our present Second Gospel, like Mark's work referred to by Papias, is based upon Peter's discourses.Mark, GOSPEL OF Saint.—The subject will be treated under the following heads: (I) Contents, Selection and Arrangement of Matter; (II) Authorship; (III) Original Language, Vocabulary, and Style; (IV) State of Text and Integrity; (V) Place and Date of Composition; (VI) Destination and Purpose; (VII) Relation to Matthew and Luke. CONTENTS, SELECTION AND ARRANGEMENT OF MATTER.—The Second Gospel, like the other two Synoptics, deals chiefly with the Galilean ministry of Christ, and the events of the last week at Jerusalem.In a brief introduction, the ministry of the Precursor and the immediate preparation of Christ for His official work by His Baptism and temptation are touched upon (i, 1-13); then follows the body of the Gospel, dealing with the public ministry, Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus (i, 14-xvi, 8); and lastly the work in its present form gives a summary account of some appearances of the risen Lord, and ends with a reference to the Ascension and the universal preaching of the Gospel (xvi, 9-20). Mark passes in silence over the preliminary events recorded by the other Synoptists: the conception and birth of the Baptist, the genealogy, conception, and birth of Jesus, the coming of the Magi, etc.It., in its best MSS., and Vulg.), Syriac (Pesh., Curet., Sin., Harcl., Palest.), Coptic (Memph.

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