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The vocabulary of the Second Gospel embraces 1330 distinct words, of which 60 are proper names. (ataks legomena) are not relatively numerous in the Second Gospel, they are often remarkable; we meet with words rare in later Greek such as eaten, paidiothen, with colloquialisms like kenturion, ksestes, spekoulator, and with transliterations such as korban, taleitha koum, ephphatha, rabbounei (cf Swete, op. The style is often most compressed, a great deal being conveyed in very few words (i, 13, 27; xii, 38-40), yet at other times adverbs and synonyms and even repetitions are used to heighten the impression and lend color to the picture.Eighty words, exclusive of proper names, are not found elsewhere in the N. Mark's words, 150 are shared only by the other two Synoptists; 15 are shared only by St. Clauses are generally strung together in the simplest way by kai; de is not used half as frequently as in Matthew or Luke; while oun occurs only five times in the entire Gospel.

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Peter himself, and that our present Second Gospel, like Mark's work referred to by Papias, is based upon Peter's discourses.But the great textual problem of the Gospel concerns the genuineness of the last twelve verses. 274, in the margin of the Harclean Syriac and of two MSS. of the Ethiopic it stands between verse 8 and the ordinary conclusion.Three conclusions of the Gospel are known: the long conclusion, as in our Bibles, containing verses 9-20, the short one ending with verse 8 (ephabounto gar), and an intermediate form which (with some slight variations) runs as follows: "And they immediately made known all that had been commanded to those about Peter. Only one authority, the Old Latin k, gives it alone (in a very corrupt rendering), without any reference to the longer form.The weaknesses of the Apostles are far more apparent than in the parallel narratives of Matt. ii, 1, 23; iv, 35), and in such cases he may of course depart from the order of events. But the passage need not be understood to mean more than that Mark occasionally departs from chronological order, a thing we are quite prepared to admit. Nor can it be said that the original Mark has been worked up into our present Second Gospel, for then, St.

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