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A live-in nanny is available 24 hours a day unless their employment contract states otherwise.

A live-in nanny is nowadays more common amongst wealthier families, because of their possible flexibility while they live where they work.

Because of their deep involvement in raising the children of the family, nannies were often remembered with great affection and treated more kindly than the junior servants.

Nannies may have remained in the employment of the same aristocratic or gentry family for years, looking after successive generations of children.

A "live-in" nanny is less common today than in the past.

Typically, a live-in nanny is responsible for the entire care of the children of their employers.

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Some families use what is known as a 'nanny share', where two or more families pay for the same nanny to care for the children in each family on a part-time basis.

A night nanny can provide a teaching role, helping parents to establish good sleeping patterns or troubleshooting the sleeping patterns of a child. The Night Nanny works together with the family's requirements and philosophies.

The qualifications of a night nanny are usually in mothercraft nursing (see sleep guidance specialist or early childhood development).

Pay rates vary from country to country but are usually well paid in comparison to the general nanny, as the night nanny is seen as a specialist or expert in their field.

Historically, European women were confined to their beds or their homes for extended periods after giving birth; care was provided either by her female relatives (mother or mother-in-law) or by a temporary attendant known as a monthly nurse.A more recent addition to the role of the nanny is that of the night nanny.Sleep specialists or consultants typically work with older babies and children.Traditionally, nannies were servants in large households and reported directly to the lady of the house.