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Navy during the first Gulf War [in the] Hospital Corps as a field medical combat technician,” she continues, “[who took] care of the U. Marines in Saudi Arabia.” Following her enlistment in 1999, Addams found a job as a performer in a nightclub, which is where she first met Barry Winchell, a PFC (private first class) of the U. Army, and the two soon began dating — but sadly, not for long. I can’t be the “professional” writer for this post. Here’s the thing: I could do just like every other journalist out there and detail the facts on why people like Calpernia Addams are upset today, or I can just let you all directly hear just what Trump’s military transgender ban really means to someone like Calpernia Addams: A woman who, despite whatever title society says she must be referred to in order to make everyone else “comfortable,” was just a single woman in 1999 who wanted to be loved. No one deserves to be hated for simply being who they are. Transgender veterans, gay men, black people who matter, and even the man who seemingly has yet to hear the concerns of figures housed under titles that aren’t important, once you realize that we’re talking about other human beings here.

In fact, I’m pretty sure she introduced me to the term “transgender” — not personally, of course, but through her life story that was told in a movie called .

we just want to participate in society."There is not a hint of bitterness in Addams, whose resilience, humour and compassion are all the greater for her life experience — making the world a sweeter place for many.

Calpernia Addams’ thoughts on Donald Trump’s transgender military ban can be heard below. A lot of the earliest media portrayals of trans women are either in pornography, or they are always portrayed as prostitutes, psychopaths, and punch lines in the movies," she said."Barry Winchell was a heterosexual man — he'd only ever dated women, so of course I had worries. he sat me at ease quickly."We went out to coffee, I'd scrubbed off all my show make-up.I just had hair in a ponytail and a clean face and jeans and a t-shirt and he accepted me and flirted with me a treated me like a lady and it was very exciting because one is so insecure in those early days."Yet their relationship was not without challenges, with Mr Winchell harassed by fellow soldiers for dating Addams.Addams wants to fill the gaps about trans people, who are often represented as two-dimensional caricatures in various media.

In 2002 Addams formed Deep Stealth productions with fellow activist Andrea James in Los Angeles, which produces media with an awareness of trans women's contributions."I think a lot of minorities in Hollywood go through phases where in the earliest phases they're demonised and then they sort of become clown characters, and then they become tragedies, like 'oh that poor thing', and then they become the amusing sidekick and then finally they become a fully realised human character," Addams said."And we've seen that with trans people."She has worked with Felicity Huffman for her Academy-award nominated performance as a transgender woman in Transamerica as well as Jared Leto in preparation for his Oscar-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club."We need the brilliant minds to work in the halls of power ...After her service, Addams went to her first drag show where she saw glamorous performers on stage who turned out to be transsexual women."I was gobsmacked, I thought 'wow it's possible', if they can do it then why can't I? She began her sex transition in her 20s, which ended in sexual reassignment.Addams recalls meeting soldier Barry Winchell one fateful Sunday while working as a showgirl after she had transitioned."It is so difficult to find love as a trans woman because we are so often fetishised.But her looks are Marilyn-meets-Mae West, with styled blonde hair swept over glittering costume jewellery and a perfectly made-up face.

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