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Miss Barnett claims that in return for her services, Mrs.King orally promised to give her a Malibu beach house and to 'provide for all of her financial support and needs for the rest of her life in the same style and manner commensurate with the life of King.' Only one other homosexual Marvin-type suit has been filed in California, and that action was dropped when the couple reconciled.King's husband was named in the suit 'for one reason only,' Ladin said. 'Sexual intimacy between (Barnett) and King commenced approximately six months after their first date,' the brief states. King said Miss Barnett worked as her secretary in the early to mid 1970s but the job was 'phased out,' when Mrs.'There is a parcel of real property that was alleged to have been purchased for my client. King decided to cut back on business activities and concentrate on tennis.Miss Barnett, 33, is a paraplegic from a fall she took from a deck at the beachfront house. King had a brief affair in the early 1970s, Miss Barnett giving up her job as a hairdresser to become secretary, confidante and companion to the tennis champion.She claims she is entitled to property rights under the Marvin decision.Billie Jean King has called for Australian Open organisers to rename the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne following the controversial comments made by the former Australian tennis player about homosexuality and transgender people.

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Stone's character required a touch more effort though, first abandoning her red locks.

'I'm concerned with Marilyn and her situation,' Ladin said.