What is internet dating gets scientific

25-Jan-2018 17:31

She receives no penalty to her mood for being barraged by come-ons. They have a near-permanent mood and relationship penalty for Reed, because they keep asking her out, and keep getting rebuffed.

But it’s not really their fault – Rob and Boots can’t stop hitting on her because they’re men, and because she’s just so gosh-darned pretty.

The answer lies, partially, in how romance attempts are calculated differently for male and female “pawns”, the game’s term for all the colonists you control.

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In Rim World, there are no bisexual men, only gay or straight men; there are no straight women, only gay or bisexual women.

This explains why Rob (age 32) and Boots (age 17) keep trying to ask out Reed (age 23).

Turns out that dating service eHarmony has a weird. car if it gets confused. ad to mean that the scientific approach eHarmony used could.… continue reading »

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