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After a successful observation he was directed to search for the “great south land” thought to exist in the South Pacific Ocean and following that search he discovered and charted the east coast of Australia.Scientific expeditions were spread across Australia to observe the 1874 transit and again for the 1882 transits, with many of these successfully recording the event.2017-12-12 Welcome to Shemale Models Tube a site for tgirl fans created by a tgirl fan!Feel free to leave comments on the videos, model profile and images.

Venus will travel in a straight line across the Sun.Transits can only occur with planets whose orbit is between that of the Earth and the Sun; that is, Mercury and Venus.A transit of a planet is similar to a solar eclipse but the planet appears to be much smaller that the Moon so it cannot cover the Sun and looks like a small black disc slowly crossing the Sun. Transits of Mercury occur quite regularly (with about 13 each century) but they are difficult to observe due to the very small apparent size of Mercury.For a more feature packed view of the event, click the Live Stream above (when activated) for a larger view, where users can join in with live chat too!

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Computing the Astronomical Unit Links are provided on the website to sites which describe the method of calculation of the Astronomical Unit (AU), AU calculators which use data from the transit of Venus in 2004 and calculators that allow input of your observation of the 2012 transit for your own calculation of the AU. Other information includes: The latest version of this brochure available for download from the Resources tab; links to related websites and information on Surveying and Spatial Sciences as a career and Surveying and Spatial Sciences education. A Transit of a planet occurs when the planet passes directly between the Earth and the Sun so that as seen from the Earth, the planet appears to pass across the face of the Sun.

The Transit of Venus project Surveying and Spatial Sciences industries and AAQ have established this website which provides a central portal with a competition, information and resources about the transit.