Vb net tableadapter update not updating database

06-Jul-2017 15:04

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For that reason, the way I'm trying to achieve this is by having a single Data Table instance, which I'll be filling and once it is full, I need to store its content in the Data Set instance. EOL()) In the first iteration it has not troubles, but from the second I'm notified that the addition can't be done because my Table is already an element from my Set.

But the situation is that I don't have a determined number of datatables instances since the source of my information comes from a text file and this can contain several tables.

Add(2, "amoxicillin"); // Create a Data Set and put both tables in it. The Data Set contains Data Table Collection and their Data Relation Collection .

The Data Set Object represents a complete set of data, including related tables, constraints, and relationships among the tables .

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New Row() row New Customer(' Customerl D") = "ALFKI" row New Customer("Company Name") = "Alfreds Futterkiste" ds.

Report Viewer is a freely redistributable control that enables embedding reports in applications developed using the . Reports are designed with drag-and-drop simplicity using Report Designer included in Visual Studio 2010.

Other enhancements include support for Does the data for the report have to comefrom a SQL Server database? A such as the TableAdapter class that… continue reading »

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