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The helicopter’s satellite tracking system reported a takeoff message and then went inactive.The search-and-rescue satellite system did not detect a signal from the emergency locator transmitter.The reason for protecting CVR material lies in the premise that these protections help ensure that pilots will continue to express themselves freely and that this essential material is available for the benefit of safety investigations.The TSB has always taken its obligations in this area very seriously and has vigorously restricted the use of CVR data in its reports.

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After starting the first engine and engaging the main rotor, the flight crew obtained the weather report from the automated weather observation system (AWOS) located at CYMO.

The first officer then commenced the start sequence for the second engine.

As the speed of the second engine was increasing to idle, the captain verbalized that he was initially having difficulty locating the flight instrument light-intensity rotary switch, which was located on the centre console between the pilot seats.

The captain then advised the first officer that he had a flashlight in case he had any further difficulty locating a switch.

As the engine start checks continued, the first officer called “150”, which is a radio altimeter decision-height setting (often referred to as a radio altimeter low-height bug) commonly used by S-76A pilots at 7506406 Canada Inc.

The flight crew proceeded to the Moosonee Airport (CYMO), Ontario, and had the helicopter readied, including fuelling, for the 1-hour-and-48-minute visual flight rules (VFR) flight to the Attawapiskat Airport.