Updating with global variable in autosys

01-Feb-2018 15:48

As with everything in life if you can't find it elsewhere go looking for it on Google. In order to achieve my ends all I needed to do was set the required value in the registry and send the WM_SETTINGCHANGE message to the system.

However, not surprisingly, and due to the fact Im developing on Windows 2000, I really wanted a nice programming solution. I read about Set Environment Variable and its related functions.

You can create CCASYS online as a separate file or as a part of the initial installation of Dictionary and the full-screen interface.

Regardless of the approach used to create CCASYS, it must be available before Dictionary and the interface are installed.

Even though hopefully I've presented this in a fairly straightforward manner, I spend quite a bit of time going backwards and forwards trying to get it all working right, using the wrong sendmessage functions, using the wrong wparam values etc.

I hope this will prevent some of you from having to spend as much time if you need to do this.Finally for the last three parameters, I use SMTO_NORMAL, which means my program can continue processing without waiting for the function to return.4000 is the timeout in milliseconds that it should use, and I provide a Cardinal variable a Result to get any error value returned.Exe, first press "Get Path" button, make a small change and press "Set Path" button to save the change.

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