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21-Jun-2017 01:11

Besides becoming more convenient than the normal ticketing process, Paperless Ticketing eliminates wasteful paper use.

Examples include Apple's recently purchased patent for a travel ticketing app, ITravel, and Ticketmaster's smart phone application.

Customers are given discounts and coupons for their involvement and the restaurant receives more customers.

Freelancing networks are created with the specific purpose to allow users to find or post temporary employment opportunities.

Web mapping services with geocoding data for places (streets, buildings, and parks) can be used with geotagged information (meetups, concert events, nightclubs or restaurant reviews) to match users with a place, event or local group to socialize in or enable a group of users to decide on a meeting activity.

Popular geosocial applications like Yelp, Gowalla, Facebook Places and Foursquare allow users to share their locations as well as recommendations for locations or 'venues'.

Facebook later created an open stream API, allowing outside developers access to user's status updates.

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Geosocial has political applications, as it can be used to organize, track, and communicate events and protests.For mobile social networks, texted location information or mobile phone tracking can enable location-based services to enrich social networking.The evolution of geosocial can be traced back to the implication of social application programming interfaces by internet-based corporations in the early 2000s.For example, people can use mobile phones and Twitter to quickly organize a protest event before authorities can stop it.

People at the event can communicate with each other and the larger world using a mobile device connected to the Internet.

By 2008, expanded geolocation technologies including cell tower localization became available and devices such as digital cameras and camera phones began to integrate features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS navigation into more sophisticated capabilities.