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If you are using Enterprise Console 5.0 or earlier, you can install the software by running the installer from a bootstrap location that contains a software subscription for version 10.3. All other product and company names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

This is because Sophos releases the software over a number of days, but publishes the release notes on the first day.Write access to controlled device type 'Floppy disk drives' blocked by the administrator". This happens because the VMware Tools service attempts to access the floppy drive every few seconds (and will continue to do so even if the floppy drive is no longer connected).button, not all of the Endpoint Security and Control components will be removed.Endpoint computers are only contacted on TCP port 8194.

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On your Sophos management server (and any message relay servers) you need to allow the additional TCP port 8192.These are the release notes for Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.3 for Windows Recommended versions, managed by Sophos Enterprise Console or standalone.Some of the features mentioned in these release notes are only available on managed computers or if you have the appropriate license.A "this page has been blocked" pop-up message is displayed for an allowed page that has links to a website blocked by category (for example, Facebook, when blocked under the Personals and Dating category).