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All new Oracle Solaris 11 installations are configured to have a single default publisher, ).You can install new software packages from here, search for package content, or mirror the contents of this repository locally if there are network restrictions in the data center or simply to get improved software change control across systems in your data center.This is an optional step that allows you to identify the key and certificate further.For our case, enter in the Comment (optional) field.In the process, it covers some of the basics that you should know to ensure an update goes successfully and safely.

An added benefit is individual software stacks for each non-global zone are independent of the global zone.Once the key and certificate have been created, they are available to download from the home page and our label will show up under the Comments table column towards the bottom of the screen, as shown in Figure 3. Optional Step for Providing Additional Data for the Key and Certificate Pair Click the Submit button to go to a screen that provides the download links and lists some details about the certificate, including what product it applies to, when it was issued, and when it expires, as shown in Figure 4.Go ahead and download both the key and certificate. Downloading the Key and Certificate for Oracle Solaris 11 Supported Repository The key and certificate download page shown in Figure 4 also provides details about how to install the key and certificate pair and how to change your repository configuration to point to the Oracle Solaris 11 supported repository.The Cent OS project redistributes these original works (in their unmodified form) as a reference for Cent OS-5 because Cent OS-5 is built from publicly available, open source SRPMS.

The documentation is unmodified to be compliant with upstream distribution policy.

Image Packaging System (IPS) takes much of the complexity out of software administration with its ability to automatically calculate dependencies, and it merges both the package and patch management into a single administrative interface.

The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ Chapter 9. The mirror program is generally useful for updating local copies of remote directory trees.… continue reading »

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Video Blog Updating the SAP Kernel. One of the more common system maintenance tasks is updating the kernel. Using JSPM to patch the kernel takes a.… continue reading »

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Dear All, I have few doubt about kernel and patch level. When we update kernel is there any effect on patch level. Please give detail on kernel and patch level both.… continue reading »

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