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Creating a table with FILESTREAM columns to store FILESTREAM Data In order to store a BLOB using the FILESTREAM feature, you must have a column of datatype VARBINARY(MAX) along with the FILESTREAM attribute.In addition, the table must have a UNIQUEIDENTIFIER column with the ROWGUIDCOL attribute.The is a very important system file which basically contains FILESTREAM header information.Database Administrators need to make sure that this file is not removed or modified by any chance as this will corrupt the FILESTREAM enabled database.Use Master GOIF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sys.databases WHERE name = N'File Stream DB')DROP DATABASE File Stream DBGOUSE master GO-- Create File Stream DB Database CREATE DATABASE [File Stream DB] ON PRIMARY ( NAME = N'File Stream DB', FILENAME = N'D:\File Stream DB\File Stream DB.mdf' , SIZE = 10MB , MAXSIZE = UNLIMITED, FILEGROWTH = 10% )LOG ON ( NAME = N'File Stream DB_log', FILENAME = N'D:\File Stream DB\File Stream DB_log.ldf' , SIZE = 10MB , MAXSIZE = UNLIMITED , FILEGROWTH = 10%)GOALTER DATABASE [File Stream DB] ADD FILEGROUP [File Stream Group] CONTAINS FILESTREAM GOALTER DATABASE [File Stream DB] ADD FILE (NAME = N'File Stream DB_FSData', FILENAME = N'D:\File Stream DB\File Stream Data')TO FILEGROUP File Stream Group GO While creating a FILESTREAM enabled database; the DBA needs to specify CONTAINS FILESTREAM clause for at least one of the FILEGROUPs within the create database statement.The snippet below shows the properties of the sample File Stream DB database which was created with the above TSQL statements.

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This is the only reason why you will sometime see the FILESTREAM data which was deleted still in the FILESTREAM Data Container.

The below snippet shows all the files which were created within the D:\File Stream DB folder when the database was created.