Top 5 dating tips for men

29-Sep-2017 19:26

Even though many men would like nothing better than to have a strong black woman at their side, most of them actually back out when they realize that the girl they’re aiming for is simply bigger than them on many levels. She doesn’t need a weak man, especially if that same man isn’t able to handle his problems without crying about it, either literally or metaphorically. There’s nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t have any real qualities, but who tries to make up for it with money or other material things. Surely a strong black woman wants her man to be someone she can rely on in many ways, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be bought with money or gifts.First of all, if your goal is dating a strong black woman (S. W.) up to a point where she becomes your partner for good, you must make sure that you’re consistent with your words and actions at all times. They value character, patience, and self-belief above all else, so forget trying to buy your way to love.Exercise, eat well, get your sleep, and buy some new and flattering clothes and shoes.5) Get to the root of any emotional obstacles: I know guys don’t typically like the touchy feely type of stuff, but really, if you’ve got some buried emotional hurts that are affecting your relationships, it’s to your benefit to deal with them.You can get the most beautiful, faith-filled woman to date you and lose her through infantile temper tantrums, a reluctance to commit, or abusive behavior.

As you probably know already, news travels fast and it’s only a matter of time before the S. While the ladies like a man who’s not afraid to show some emotion or to share some deep things that trouble them, it’s a whole other story if their man is always whining about past girlfriends or anything else, basically. If you don’t want to become boring and overbearing to her, lay off from time to time and give her some freedom.Be sure to check out Amy’s award winning book How to Get to ‘I Do’ – A Dating Guide for Catholic Women and visit her website at LMH This Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d do something different.Contact me if you need Social Media Marketing a speaker for events or blogging assistance.

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