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26-Mar-2017 12:53

The stockier backroom stripper is also replaced by a slimmer and more scantly-clad counterpart.In addition, once the club's asset mission is completed, another backroom of the club is opened.

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There are three levels in this system: Strippers in the strip clubs will sometimes wear garters (bands of elastic cloth; usually worn around the thigh by exotic dancers and strippers).Upon entering this room, a cutscene is activated showing a more animated stripper dressed in a cowgirl theme dancing for Tommy.Before this room is unlocked, the room is closed, with a sign reading "No Entry - Management Only" posted on the door.If you have a friend such as Roman at the strip club, he will help you fight the Security Guards.

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In order to enter a strip club, the player must be disarmed.The dancer cannot be interacted with, and will continue to dance even when the player jumps on stage to her.In GTA IV, only two strip clubs exist, The Triangle Club in Bohan and the Honkers Gentlemen's Club in Alderney.Each one has a different dancer with different moves: Also, the music collection only consists of 3 songs that play in the main areas and private rooms of all strip clubs.