The vice guide to dating rich girls

26-Mar-2017 12:53

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Instead of walking into a marker for the dances, there are strippers who will walk up to the player and ask if they want a dance or not.There are three levels in this system: Strippers in the strip clubs will sometimes wear garters (bands of elastic cloth; usually worn around the thigh by exotic dancers and strippers).Upon entering this room, a cutscene is activated showing a more animated stripper dressed in a cowgirl theme dancing for Tommy.Before this room is unlocked, the room is closed, with a sign reading "No Entry - Management Only" posted on the door.

The accessible strip clubs include: Each strip club comes with one of two different interiors depending on their location and size; The Pig Pen and the Old Venturas Strip Strip Club, both larger inner city strip clubs, feature a spacious variation, while smaller strip clubs, including The Big Spread Ranch and Nude Strippers Daily, use a more compact interior.

It should also be noted that guards constantly respawn, so the player will not be able to clear the clubs.

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