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That’s why people of different nationalities (163) inhabit our region. Now lots of modern buildings exist in the centre of the town. Our region is situated near the Caucasus and we have a sea border with Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Iran, Turkmenia. A.regular nouns story, play, glass, flag, photo, name, match, knife, bush, chief, page, radio, roof, prize, set, key, factory, wolf, piano, class, cup, city regular nouns child, goose, man, foot, mouse, woman, sheep, person, deer, tooth,ox C. I was born here and have been living here So Astrakhan is my native town and I’d like to tell something about it. Read and translate the text ASTRAKHAN I’m a native resident of Astrakhan.Rebecca and I have always gotten along really well.I'm the last guy that should be giving people advice on love, that's for sure. Besides Astrakhan is an important river and sea port. The Region exports tomatoes, water-melons, fish and fish products, sturgeon and black caviar in particular, and it gives the town pride and fame.

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The history of the town closely connected with such famous names as Tatischev, Alexsander Dumas, Taras Shevchenko, Anton Chekhov, Alexsander Suvorov, Nikolai Chernyshevsky, Peter the Great, Alexsander I. At present Astrakhan covers 44.1 thousand square kilometers.

Some very important problems in this situation concerning health protection arise in our Region, as well as the problems of water purity, soil protection and air polluting.