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That’s why people of different nationalities (163) inhabit our region.

Now lots of modern buildings exist in the centre of the town. Our region is situated near the Caucasus and we have a sea border with Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Iran, Turkmenia.

Astrakhan was founded in 1558 but it does not mean that there were no towns on the territory of modern Astrakhan Region.

The history of our town dates back to the 13-th century when a small settlement appeared on the banks of the river Volga.

Stepan Rasin, Yemelyan Pugachen, Ivan Bolotnikov visited our town during the peasants’ uprisings.

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Match the word on the left with its partner on the right. It is closely connected with the history of our Kremlin. But the history of the present Astrakhan began only in the 16-th century. Speaking about industry in Astrakhan we can’t but mention about the environmental situation here.

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It is the centre of ship-building which is rooted deep in the past. Great battles were on this territory among Slavs, Pechenegs, Khazars and Polovets. At about 140 km, from modern Astrakhan there was an ancient capital of the Golden Hords – SARAI–BATU – that of the great and powerful empire of tatar–mongols. Give the plurals of these words: Pipe vice house tyre knife Pump box bench buttery switch Bucket car roof saw shelf Rope bulb file man factory building Exercise 2. Strict measures must be taken to prevent Cripling effect as the results of these productions.