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26-May-2017 01:25

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Some 26 years after Haight-Ashbury, Hollywood is having its supreme Summer of Love. “She had a big crush on him, and he didn’t do anything to stop it.” The small screen, too, has produced a heat wave of romances.

Doherty’s TV twin, Jason Priestley, 23, recently set up housekeeping with his onetime onscreen squeeze, Christine Elise, 24.

It wasn’t syrupy lovey-dovey stuff, just genuine.” While becoming enamored of Danson and Goldberg, many on the set failed to notice that the two stars were falling in love with each other.

A close observer might have seen the spark struck a full two years before shooting began when the two appeared on the same night on .

In the closing moments of Danson’s segment, just before Goldberg walked on, Hall declaimed that while show business is filled with men both funny and good-looking, women were either comic or comely. “I said, ‘You’re wrong,'” Danson would recall with pleasure just last month.

“‘Here comes a very sexy, very funny lady.’ This got Whoopi’s attention.” Indeed it did. “This was the first time that anyone had intimated publicly that I was actually very feminine and very pretty.” When the scene eventually changed from couch to set, the wooing continued.

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They had been spotted together at London’s posh Savoy Hotel.

The two also spent a lot of their off-hours together.