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18-Feb-2017 01:23

Her objection doesn’t have anything to do with the subject matter, though — she’s worried because she’s "this close to overexposure." When you’re captured thinking about your career and image with that kind of intelligence and self-awareness, people will start to believe almost anything.

Swifties knew something big was coming when Taylor Swift deleted all of the photos from her Instagram and wiped out her entire Twitter account. The songstress released her first single in over three years for her new album The track is titled, "Look What You Made Me Do" and there's already rampant speculation that it points a finger at Kanye West.

But, clearly, Kim and Kanye had no idea what kind of fire they were playing with.

Taylor uses multiple phrases in her new single to drag the rapper; namely teasing the music with a snake, calling out Kanye's tilted stage during his tour and downright saying the 'old Taylor' is dead.

Look back at the list of evidence provided before the theories.

How could three people and their massive teams possibly keep all of those discrete items in sync and under wraps?

When she finds out that West has a recording of their conversation, she threatens him with legal action and attempts to bury it because it complicates her initial response.

She starts to steel herself for its eventual release when Kardashian mentions it in , preparing a statement and making it clearer that her response to the "bitch" portion of her song was emotional and genuine.

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You can choose your own adventure up until the point at which Swift learns about West’s recording of their conversation — it doesn’t matter whether she’s genuinely aggrieved or caught in a power play.

The internet has been totally devoured by the latest chapter in the long-running feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, an interpersonal conflict that stretches back all the way to the halcyon days of 2009.

Mar 22, 2018. Kanye West recently said that he does not want Taylor Swift to access his dating site, Yeezy Dating. The rapper will launch the site at the end of the month.… continue reading »

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Aug 28, 2017. An extensive list of every song Taylor Swift has written about the guys in her life. What songs did Taylor Swift write about Kanye West? Well, clearly, this new single "Look. has to be Cory! The pair dated for just a month and we can't think of any other relationship she's had that has lasted shorter than that.… continue reading »

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Mar 21, 2018. Yeezyfans.dating characterizes itself as “a dating site for fans of the genius Mr. West” with the caveat that "*Taylor Swift fans are banned from this website."… continue reading »

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