Spiritual intimacy in a dating relationship

03-Jun-2017 09:14

If you are asking this question, first of all, good for you!

More and more women no longer care about saving sex for marriage, even if they acknowledge it as God’s best plan for them. Giving the sexual relationship a “test drive” sounds like a good idea (even though research solidly debunks this thinking! They fear losing the guy if they don’t “put out.” Or they may not even remember what they are supposed to be waiting for! It’s for men and women of all ages, married, divorced, and single.

There are many reasons people may experience such doubts.

Some of these may be legitimate and some may ridiculous, and the difficulty comes in knowing which is which.

Lou Priolo’s books have often been helpful to me and this has proven the case once more with a little booklet he’s written on this very subject.

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Only then will they be convinced that they can have a healthy marriage.This age-old question is not only one teens are asking, but also women in their twenties, thirties, and beyond.With marriage often delayed and second marriages more common, women of all ages find themselves wondering about physical boundaries in dating.Either way, a marriage cannot thrive where a couple has subjects that remain off-limits, where relational intimacy can exist only if certain subjects never come up.

Feb 6, 2014. Talk about an intimate moment. It's vital to pray about your relationship and to seek God's voice for direction, but make sure you wait before you seek it together. Pursue God individually so as not to allow your spiritual relationship to become a trio prematurely. Not only is it okay to wait, but it's important to do.… continue reading »

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Dear Neil Would you discuss the question of spiritual intimacy. What is it? How do you attain it? Why don't more people have it? We are two friends with a bet. One of us says that, although rare, it's attainable. The other says it doesn't exist. Your answer will decide who buys dinner. Questioning Longmont, Colorado.… continue reading »

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