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This article refers to concept of a collection, graph, or table as a container, and a a document, node, or entity as an item.

Azure Cosmos DB delivers fast, predictable performance by resources to satisfy your application's throughput needs.

Because application load and access patterns change over time, Azure Cosmos DB allows you to easily increase or decrease the amount of reserved throughput available to your application.

With Azure Cosmos DB, reserved throughput is specified in terms of request units processing per second.

Azure Cosmos DB is operated and continuously monitored by Microsoft top engineers to deliver world class availability, performance, and data protection.

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With RUs, you do not need to reserve read/write capacities or provision CPU, memory, and IOPS.By selecting a partition key with many distinct values you ensure that your container/table/graph and requests can be scaled uniformly by Azure Cosmos DB. Create Database Uri("db"), my Collection, new Request Options ); resource in Azure Cosmos DB, which has metadata about the provisioned throughput. Replace Offer Async(offer); There is no impact to the availability of your container when you change the throughput.Note A partition key is a logical boundary, and not a physical one. You can change the allocated throughput by looking up the corresponding offer resource for a container, then updating it with the new throughput value. Typically the new reserved throughput is effective within seconds on application of the new throughput.When starting a new container you specify the number of request units per second (RU per second) you want reserved.