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Our host will be around to make sure your queries are met)Finding your Match-Mate Your contact information will be shared only if there is a mutual tick between two individuals on the matchboard and that's how we Match-Mate! Apart from this being an incredible opportunity to get out there and mingle with people, you will have incredible fun and even discover a lot of things about yourself.Matchboxmeet is a fresh alternative to meet new people and create an atmosphere that is at once casual and comfortable.Be it a companion, a friend, or someone for your business explorations, Matchboxmeet has brought a concept for individuals who want to expand their social/professional circle.Matchboxmeet not only encourages people to find their compatible partners but also helps people expand their network for various other purposes.Though the storyline totters between police genre and European art film, the latter predominates and the film will probably find itself caught in limbo between festivals and scattered theatrical.PHOTOS: 7 Hot Films to Watch at Berlin Film Festival 2012 Highlighting the film noir elements in Elsa Lewin’s 1984 American novel, Southcombe’s screenplay transposes the action to gray high-rises on the edge of a somber cityscape.The boy, played with memorable panic by Max Deacon, is wildly out of control and in debt to some pushers.

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follows the intersecting lives of an aging woman trying to pick up the threads after a painful divorce and an impossibly sensitive police commissioner tracking a murder case.

Loneliness and alienation are the main themes scratched out by penetrating performances from reliable leads Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne, in a narratively thin yet ultimately accomplished first feature directed by Rampling’s son Barnaby Southcombe. The world feels much bigger than it used to, and with it being hard to cultivate connections, Matchboxmeet has come up with a low key, sophisticated approach to meet and interact with individuals.We have conceptualized a brilliant platform for people from various backgrounds to come together for a good time.Rampling’s Anna lives with her daughter Emmy (Hayley Atwell), helping the young mother care for her toddler.