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Following the 1970s population boom, the natural increase has been steadily decreasing, and so since 1993 Slovenia's population has been increasing only due to positive net migration.

This natural increase has been constantly negative since 1997.

The top five most likely male name and surname combinations contain the surnames Novak and Horvat, and the given names Jožef, Franc, Janez and Štefan. The average Slovenian male will have put on his wedding ring and said his vows when a bit over 30, and have fathered his first child soon thereafter.

The fact that almost two-thirds of all fathers of children born in recent years were between 30 and 40 years old reveals an aging trend among parents in Slovenia.

He also believes that it is difficult to generalise, as all personal traits extend from one extreme to the other.

Nonetheless, he examines three widely accepted stereotypes about Slovenes.

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My Italian friend would boast about how "you show Slovenian girls you have coke and they'll do anything for fuck, man! I have a bunch of them on FB now and when I go I have 5-6 girls who all want to show me around, one of the girls looked like liv tyler.The most prominent scientists to deal with Slovenians’ self-image were psychologists Dr Anton Trstenjak and Dr Janek Musek.In his book entitled 'Misli o slovenskem človeku' ('Reflections on the Slovenian Individual') Dr Anton Trstenjak records his observations and thoughts on the image of the Slovene.Only three decades ago, this image was quite different – she would have been married around 22 and given birth before reaching the age of 23.

Typical Slovene. The Tivoli Park. The Slovenian woman is somewhat more educated than the Slovenian man, but earns only 93 per cent of a man's average salary.… continue reading »

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