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You can also set up time-lapse recording, and You Cam will take a snapshot at the time interval set by you. Face Login will remember your passwords, and log you into Windows when you present your face in front of the webcam.Additionally, it offers simple-to-use and efficient security tools, such as surveillance and face login. Choose from over 200 fun and interesting effects that can be applied to your video chats and video recording projects, with thousands more available for download on Director Zone. Both frames and scenes let you blend the image from your webcam with another image effect.Use them to spice up your video and compose the perfect portrait or an ultra cool profile picture. The many entertaining effects available in You Cam include colorful interactive particles, as well as many funhouse-like filter and distortion effects.Rotate and crop webcam photos to extract the best parts for sharing.

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When you are editing your webcam pictures, You Cam’s facial recognition technology and suite of beautifying tools allow you to touch up your facial features, removing imperfections and making subtle enhancements.

Watch via live cam one of Washington's busiest and best-known places Union Station and Columbus Plaza.