Single parent dating after divorce

23-Oct-2017 01:33

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On one part, they will have the pension of their own and on the other, the pension of their late husband.These women are not looking for an economic backing. So, unless you treat them with the respect they deserve, they will not be willing to date you.Most of all, learn to pray with sincerity and purpose. Just because you’re single now, life after divorce doesn’t have to be lonely.

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Shoving that emotion down and not releasing it will cause further damage in every case.Doing so bitterly is going to send trauma throughout the entire family unit, especially landing right in the heart of your children.They will feel unwanted and as if they are burdens, when what they need more than anything at the moment is lots of reassurance that dad is still going to be there for them. It’s going to painful, but you’ll come out of it one day much better off.That could be a clergy person, a counselor or just a wise and sincere friend or small group.

As you move into this major life transition, being emotionally unstable is not beneficial to your cause. Marriage is about partnership and teamwork, and now you find yourself on your own.

It’s time to regain your individual identity and figure out what are the things that make life work well for you.

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