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The term for this type of search is “Boolean.” The term “Boolean” comes from Nineteenth Century mathematician George Boole.

“Boolean logic” is something that is used in all sorts of computing applications, not just search engines.

This might be useful if you wanted to find Web pages that were talking about other Web sites.

The command to search only the body text is intext: To find Web pages talking about Google, for example, you could search for: You can also use the variation allintext: Allintext searches for all of the specified words in the body text, but it can’t be combined with other commands. The “title” of a Web page is the name of the page as it appears on the top of your Web browser.

Just as with the plus sign, put a space before the minus sign but do not put a space between the minus sign and the word or phrase you want excluded.

You can also exclude a phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks, so if you were researching livestock swine, you could search for pigs -“pot bellied” to exclude any mention of pot-bellied pigs.

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Searching for “sausage biscuits” will search for only the exact phrase sausage biscuits. Searching for “sausage biscuits” |”cheese sauce” searches for either the exact phrase sausage biscuits or the exact phrase cheese sauce.OR If you want to find one keyword or another, use the term OR.It’s important that you use all caps, or Google will ignore your request.If you’re searching for more than one phrase or keyword in addition to the Boolean, you can group them with parenthesis, such as recipes gravy (sausage | biscuit) to search for gravy recipes for either sausages or biscuits.

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