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The judge rejected his case that this was a breach of his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Same-sex marriage has been held not to be a right under the Convention in a recent judgment, nor is it a right in any UN convention.

The people who are being compared must be working in the same place or working at different establishments for the same employer.

This means it is illegal to pay or promise to pay someone for sex, either directly or through another person.

Under the law, payment can mean money, goods or services.

The sexual services which are illegal involve you being physically present with the person who is selling the sexual service.

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A woman might be needed to provide counselling services to female victims of domestic violence.Furthermore, under the Northern Ireland Act 1998 marriage falls under the competence of the NI Executive and Assembly.Hence same-sex marriage by virtue of the provisions of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 does not extend to Northern Ireland.It is also not a crime to loiter or solicit for the purposes of offering services as a prostitute in a street or public place.

It is however a crime to keep or manage a brothel or to control prostitution for profit.

But Megan Manson says it is protecting misogynistic attitudes by awarding World Heritage Status to religious sites that practise sexual discrimination.