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Seeking to get away from Taylor's constant interference in his life, Michael travels to his 10-year college reunion party in Chicago where he meets his ex-wife Jane, also in attendance where he tries to reconcile with her.

Back in Los Angeles, Megan continues to grow uncomfortable and jealous over Lexi being with Cooper.

In the Caribbean, Rory takes Amanda on a honeymoon hideaway to a remote island where he slowly tries to poison her, while Kyle tries to find them before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Samantha and Billy file for divorce from each other. Taylor begins to try to chip away at Michael's contempt for parenthood while continuing to stay at his place.

Here's a rundown of some of the parties Oliver has sued: -- County of Chatham, Georgia; claims he was beaten by a sheriff's deputy who used excessive force -- Target, Cox Communications and Premier Bankcard; claims former roommate stole his identity and racked up debt with these companies -- City of Oceanside; claims he was unlawfully arrested by cops who were harassing patrons, and they deleted his video footage of the incident and used excessive force -- Men's Wearhouse; claims text message ads are unlawful marketing and violates his privacy -- L. County, California Highway Patrol, T-Mobile, South Coast Medical Group and more for a variety of allegations We broke the story ...

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Back in Los Angeles, Kyle continues wooing Taylor, believing that she can clear Amanda of the blame still plaguing her for the apparent suicide of Christine.After going into labor at the beach house, Taylor finally gives birth to a baby boy and makes Jane and a reluctant Michael agree to raise the child themselves.But Taylor soon has a change of heart and leaves town with her infant son back to Boston.Find black women, white women, latina females, and asian women in Clovis NM.