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A scene at the bank was filmed at the corner of Fourth Street and Mendocino Avenue (at present day Old Courthouse square); the KRESS building on Fourth Street is also visible. The Coen brothers' 2001 film The Man Who Wasn't There is set in Santa Rosa c. Santa Rosa grew following World War II, because it was the location for Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Santa Rosa, the remnants now located in southwest Santa Rosa.

The city was a convenient location for San Francisco travelers bound for the Russian River.

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Many were turned away because there was no more room. The Spanish contingency sat me down and translated as I talked about what we were doing and trying to expose. That men with many years, old men, were taking young women, middle aged women, any women, up into the mountains to read them their 5th step. ” And the old lady with her heavy accent said, with that look in her eyes like” you know” “They make them have sex with them after they read their 5 step! Then Herbert Tracy White was murdered by a couple in downtown Los Angeles, CA., who pretended they wanted help as addicts. She tells my whole story and weaved in and out of others who tried to make it safer and others who were 13 stepped.The Bitakomtara controlled the area closely, barring passage to others until permission was arranged.Those who entered without permission were subject to harsh penalties.In the 1830s, during the Mexican period, the family of María López de Carrillo built an adobe house on their Rancho Cabeza de Santa Rosa land grant, just east of what later became downtown Santa Rosa.

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