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10-Jan-2018 16:19

It also emerged two weeks ago that Dame Glynis was given a pay rise of £18,000 this year, taking her salary to £468,000.Last week she narrowly survived a no confidence vote by the university’s senate.The Chancellor tonight warned a failure to strike a deal on the Brexit transition in two weeks would airlines unable to schedule flights for spring 2019.Philip Hammond said it was in the interests of both sides for an implementation period to be agreed at the March summit of EU leaders.t be afraid, even if you have never been into swingers lifestyle, we offer you a complete guide of how to become a swinger.Would you like to meet other couples and singles for some fun swinging activities?

He said contingency planning for the no deal scenario could be suspended if a transition deal is struck.'I believe it will happen for the simple reason that it is in everyone's interests it happens.' Mr Hammond said he hoped the transition agreement and divorce treaty would be well supported both in Westminster and the European Parliament.Asked about money spent so far on contingency planning, Mr Hammond told the committee: 'To date, we have spent about £700 million.'The £3 billion was for 2018//20 and I expect to announce shortly the allocation of funding for the 2018/19 share of that amount.'It's being spent on ensuring that we are prepared for a full range of outcomes.Asked about the importance of a transition deal, Mr Hammond said: 'An implementation period is very much in the interests of both sides, to create some certainty, to allow business to plan.'Airlines need to know on April 1 whether they can safely schedule flights in April 2019.

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'There are lots of practical issues that are going to become very problematic across the continent of Europe unless we agree this implementation deal.

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