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It is not known if the Romans ever made a landing on the island; if they did, little evidence has been discovered; however there is evidence for contact with Roman Britain as an amphora was discovered at the settlement on the South Barrule; it is hypothesised this may have been trade goods or plunder.It has been speculated that the island may have become a haven for Druids and other refugees from Anglesey after the sacking of Mona in AD 60.Since 1866, the Isle of Man has been a Crown Dependency and has democratic self-government.The Isle of Man effectively became an island around 8,500 years ago at around the time when rising sea levels caused by the melting glaciers cut Mesolithic Britain off from continental Europe for the last time.Warfare and unsettled rule characterise the earlier epoch; the later saw comparatively more peace.

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Evidence such as radiocarbon dating and magnetic drift points to many of these being built around AD 550-600.

The island lends its name to Manannán, the Brythonic and Gaelic sea god who is said in myth to have once ruled the island.

Tradition attributes the island's conversion to Christianity to St Maughold (Maccul), an Irish missionary who gives his name to a parish.

During this period megalithic monuments began to appear around the island.

Examples are found at Cashtal yn Ard near Maughold, King Orry's Grave in Laxey, Meayll Circle near Cregneash, and Ballaharra Stones in St John's.

It is generally assumed that Irish invasion or immigration formed the basis of the modern Manx language; Irish migration to the island probably began in the 5th century AD.