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15-Dec-2017 01:16

Tell him clearly that you are very sensitive to his remarks and that you will like for him to be softer, and more understanding, with you.

After all, you expect it.” — “Single people love to visit family on the holidays. I love having my mating and reproductive tendencies questioned and analyzed over dinner. ” — “My match made in heaven must have liked it there and just forgot to come get me on earth altogether.As a girl, you need to make sure if your boyfriend is being rude because he’s feeling hurt, or insecure, or do you sense a deeper level of spite or hatred in him? As far as men are concerned, being rude is not abusive as long as it does not stem from hatred, spite or extreme resentment.Men do get rude from time to time, blame it on their testosterone, but if you sense a vibe of hatred or spite in his voice then you need to get a little cautious.Question asked by Miss J – What if you become sarcastic too? I have the same problem with my boyfriend but he wasn’t like this from the beginning.

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He only started being sarcastic when he got comfortable after we exchanged the I love you’s.

My mom told me once that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

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