Roger bobb dating kenya moore

05-Apr-2017 07:01

Cynthia and Peter have known Roger for years and never heard of this so-called girlfriend. Cynthia insists it was just a group photo and Kenya is not dating Roger Bobb.

Just a warning this episode is brought to you by the phrase Roger Bobb, the letter “F” for Fake, Felicia, and Fabricated Storyline, and the number 340789 because that’s how many times “Roger Bobb” was said.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta is auditioning new potential cast members and Peter Thomas is spilling the beans on who!

Claudia Jordan was spotted filming with Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey at the opening of Sports One in Charlotte, NC last week.

NEWS: Demetria Mc Kinney Opens Up About Life as a Single Mom Not surprisingly, Demetria took to Instagram to document much of her elaborate birthday celebration, which started off with a ride to the soiree in a Bentley. Among those in attendance were Nothing like celebrating the Blessing of another year with really cool people!

Thank u @claudiajordan @cynthiabailey10 @mimifaust @marlohampton for being such down to earth, cool people and sharing the evening with me! A photo posted by Demetria Mc Kinney (@demetria4real) on EXCLUSIVE: RHo A’s Demetria Mc Kinney Plays Kiss, Date, or Marry (VIDEO) From what we can tell pregnant Kandi Burruss was MIA, but she was still a major part of the night as Demetria and the aforementioned ladies snapped selfies while listening to Kandi and Demetria’s upcoming duet off Demetria’s new album.

In Kenya-land she’s doing a photo shoot for her newest career as an acktruss.

In fact, Claudia hinted Demetria and Roger’s nuptials might be right around the corner, noting she couldn’t wait to give a speech at their wedding! Joyce complains Kandi doesn’t appreciate what they were trying to do – she just wanted to help by putting new bathrooms in! Cynthia is excited because working on music videos could be a prosperous new venture for she and Peter.Mama Joyce needs to look up the definitions of “appreciation” and “help” and “sane.” It appears everyone at the party loves Todd – which HA! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing involving Peter is going to be “prosperous” but keep living on a prayer girl.Porsha is reportedly on a week-to-week contract pending the amount of drama she brings, and despite rumors that Phaedra Parks will limit her role in the wake of Apollo’s sentencing, Ne Ne Leakes confirmed Phaedra will be back! Now, let’s discuss the other new potential: Demetria. Apparently Demetria is dating a man named Roger Bobb, whom Kenya was flirting rampantly with last year, and rumor has it he and Kenya “got intimate.”According to Tamara Tattles, Roger, who is an executive producer for the , is presenting to be a very single and eligible Atlanta bachelor, while Demetria believes they are very together.