Roger bobb dating kenya moore

05-Apr-2017 07:01

Joyce complains Kandi doesn’t appreciate what they were trying to do – she just wanted to help by putting new bathrooms in! Cynthia is excited because working on music videos could be a prosperous new venture for she and Peter.

Mama Joyce needs to look up the definitions of “appreciation” and “help” and “sane.” It appears everyone at the party loves Todd – which HA! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing involving Peter is going to be “prosperous” but keep living on a prayer girl.

Shouldn’t a former Miss WHO-S-A know how to work a camera?

Or is that like a former supermodel not knowing how to walk a runway?

Kandi Burruss‘ family is having a BBQ, she arrives with Todd, and she’s not speaking to Joyce because her boyfriend destroyed the house Kandi gave her, which Kandi, for some reason, didn’t know until after she bought MJ a new house. Eventually one of the aunts force Joyce and Kandi to have a sit-down. the medication for my aneurism is making me feel faint, I haven’t the strength to fight. Mama Joyce: YOU need Jesus because surely that crazy-ass delusional behavior is the work of the devil! #Fix It Jesus At The Bailey Agency, new ‘friend’ of the Housewife Demetria Mc Kinney wants Cynthia Bailey to help cast her music video.

Things that make you go hmm…CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR THE REST! Peter arrives because what else does he have to do and because he’s going to assist or something.

NEWS: Demetria Mc Kinney Opens Up About Life as a Single Mom Not surprisingly, Demetria took to Instagram to document much of her elaborate birthday celebration, which started off with a ride to the soiree in a Bentley. Among those in attendance were Nothing like celebrating the Blessing of another year with really cool people!

Thank u @claudiajordan @cynthiabailey10 @mimifaust @marlohampton for being such down to earth, cool people and sharing the evening with me! A photo posted by Demetria Mc Kinney (@demetria4real) on EXCLUSIVE: RHo A’s Demetria Mc Kinney Plays Kiss, Date, or Marry (VIDEO) From what we can tell pregnant Kandi Burruss was MIA, but she was still a major part of the night as Demetria and the aforementioned ladies snapped selfies while listening to Kandi and Demetria’s upcoming duet off Demetria’s new album.

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Claudia, a former Miss Rhode Island, also competed in the Miss USA pageant and presently is a DJ for Dish Network’s Rickey Smiley Show, where coincidentally Porsha Stewart also works. It’s unclear if the new girls are replacing any of the current cast members or simply joining the cast as an addition Housewife or Friend of the Housewives. I’m sure you’re aware but Tyler Perry is Ne Ne’s bestbestbestbestbestbestbest friend in allllll the world. Demetria also shares a connection with Kenya – but not a favorable one!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta is auditioning new potential cast members and Peter Thomas is spilling the beans on who!

Dec 22, 2014. Demetria is having a video launch party, so she invites Cynthia, who suggests bringing along her friend Kenya Moore. Demetria bristles – not because she heard Krayonce. Cynthia insists it was just a group photo and Kenya is not dating Roger Bobb. Just a warning this episode is brought to you by the.… continue reading »

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Sep 19, 2016. Demetria mckinney engaged, demetria mckinney, demetria mckinney boyfriend, demetria mckinney breaks up with rogeer bobb, roger bobb,… continue reading »

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Aug 11, 2014. Claudia Jordan was spotted filming with Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey at the opening of Sports One in Charlotte, NC last week. “Bravo crew came. Apparently Demetria is dating a man named Roger Bobb, whom Kenya was flirting rampantly with last year, and rumor has it he and Kenya “got intimate.”.… continue reading »

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Dec 21, 2014. Demetria doesn't know Kenya Moore, but the beauty queen's reputation precedes her. A photo. Cynthia then tells the girls that although Roger Bobb is a good catch, he's already been reeled in by Demetria. “You took a group picture, and it turned into you dating Roger Bobb,” Demetria snaps at Kenya.… continue reading »

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Jan 5, 2016. Gocha Roger Bobb. Bobb's dating habits clearly didn't phase Demetria and now she's ready to take on the good, bad and ugly FOR LIFE as she is now officially engaged to her longtime love. Sidebar Hell I think Roger Bobb owed Demetria that ring considering the embarrassment she went through on.… continue reading »

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Oct 8, 2013. would like to CONGRATULATE Kenya Moore. who is dating again. We got pics of her and her new BF at Peter Thomas' 53rd birthday party. And that's not just any dude – his name is Roger Bobb, the President and CEO of Bobbcat Films. Prior to creating Bobbcat Films, Bobb served.… continue reading »

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