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I'm not enough tall to be a catwalk model, plus too big for that, and we became very good friends and I took his name as an honor.

Because my name, by the way, is too complicated, it's Van Veren Berg, so in America it sounds like "Van Varen Berg" (said with ...

We started doubting the things that we felt were sacrosanct to being a man, and instead it was good and even desirable for us to build new lives around ourselves by buying toiletries, being interested in clothes and worrying about what other people thought of us.

While women were encouraged to their gender's newfound strengths in education and in the workplace, we were made to feel guilty for being 'blokey' - something which has now become a pejorative term, like some kind of unpleasant illness.

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Man's man: Testosterone, fast cars and a pint with the lads in the pub - Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt is a true retrosexual It was my girlfriend's fault.

According to research published today, most men want a traditional wife – and women are often only toohappy to oblige.