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10-Jul-2017 11:59

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We see helpful assistant-spirit Janet (D’Arcy Carden) beg for her life, as she’s pre-programmed to, citing the tickets she has yet to use.And we see Michael, over and over again, be outwitted by his subjects’ ingenuity — including, in a self-described “real low point,” by Jason, whom Eleanor later calls “literally the dumbest person I’ve ever met.” This week’s “Team Cockroach” pumps the brakes, countering the overwhelming freneticism of “Dance Dance Resolution” with ’s version of a bottle episode.Which isn’t to say the show hasn’t made dramatic changes to its MO to match its dramatic reorientation.The already brisk pace of the action has only increased: It took ’s central foursome of tormented souls — Eleanor, indecisive ethicist Chidi (William Jackson Harper), vain socialite Tahani (Jameela Jamil), and Florida personified Jason (Manny Jacinto) — all 13 episodes of the first season to realize they were actually in a fake Good Place custom-built to make them miserable.At one point in the episode, the humans start peppering Michael with questions about his scheme, an interrogation that begins to sound a lot like online commenters picking apart a reveal after the fact. Plus, Le Bron storms the Garden, Russ is on the verge of another triple-double season, and everything else you may have missed from Monday night’s action.Syfy’s Face Off will get a new format for its next season, one that borrows heavily from shows such as The Voice and Big Brother by having returnees coach teams of contestants. The “Return of the Champions” season will have three former winners who each will be in charge of a a five-contestant team.

As a figure tasked with crafting an airtight, self-contained universe its inhabitants can’t crack, Michael’s role bears an undeniable resemblance to that of a showrunner trying to create a reality its onlookers can’t outsmart. Here, it feels like a tribute to those same fans’ intelligence, which The rest of the Western field is set, but Denver’s win over Portland forces a winner-takes-all showdown to close the season.Yet even after its initial sunniness was shown to be a cover for a much grimmer reality, has preserved this palpable sense of joy; just look at this monster food-pun list that writer Megan Amram submitted for Episode 3.This freewheeling sensibility has become its own kind of tonal stability: Even when its humor is still in a similar mood.When architect Michael (Ted Danson) reset the entire project and wiped the humans’ memories in the finale’s closing minutes, it seemed entirely possible that it would take them a season more to work their way out this latest bind, or at least several episodes. By premiere’s end, Michael was forced to reboot his faux–Good Place once again.

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Amram’s “Dance Dance Resolution” upped the ante further.The twist, however ingenuous, immediately saddled ended its freshman run like no broadcast comedy had before, it faced a similarly unique quandary going into last month’s hour-long premiere: Now that the wool had finally been pulled from the audience’s eyes, what was there for them to see?Fortunately, sidestepped the trap that other twist-happy shows have fallen into, attempting in vain to recapture the magic of that first unveiling with other, lesser stunts.I wholeheartedly recommend the Quest, and sincerely hope that it is renewed for many additional seasons.