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01-Dec-2017 23:47

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However, if you get a “high risk” result you will be contacted by your midwife / consultant and be asked back to the hospital for a follow-up invasive test and genetic counselling. No, the IONA® test does not report on the sex of the fetus.

The IONA® test estimates the probability that a fetus is affected with Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards’ syndrome (trisomy 18), Patau’s syndrome (trisomy 13). The IONA® test is available for all singleton and twin pregnancies (TBC) and for pregnancies conceived by spontaneous conception, surrogates or through IVF.

The data from the laboratory test entered into the IONA® analysis software and an easy to interpret result report is generated and given to your healthcare professional such as a consultant or midwife. Low Risk: means that it is very unlikely your pregnancy is affected by trisomy 21, 18 or 13.

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Fast: Women who undergo the SAFE test will receive their results in five days, compared with the 10 to 14-day turnaround time when their samples are sent to the US or China.

The peritoneal dialysis clinic is currently provided out of Willow Annexe, and our renal transplant clinic is based in Atkinson Morley, both of which are also on the St George’s Hospital …

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