Pregnant dating scan accuracy

01-Dec-2017 23:47

Based on Premaitha Health’s IONA® test, the SAFE test analyses a small sample of the mother’s blood to correctly identify over 99% of Down syndrome and other serious genetic disorders.

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We have partnered with Premaitha to launch a focused NHS service from June and will open a fully commissioned screening laboratory in September 2015.The trust revealed in March this year that it was joining forces with British firm, Premaitha Health to bring this new screening to St George’s.Before this, pregnant women in the UK could only access NIPT privately, with blood samples being sent either to the US or China.The peritoneal dialysis clinic is currently provided out of Willow Annexe, and our renal transplant clinic is based in Atkinson Morley, both of which are also on the St George’s Hospital …

Following the success of our recent nursing open day, where 60 nurses were recruited, St George’s will be holding a Band 5 nurses open day in March.The current combined test has a 90% detection rate and ~5% false positive rate. No, it is recommended that you still have this dating scan at 12 weeks to assess the baby’s growth and development.The IONA® test or any other NIPT will not replace the 12 week ultrasound dating scan. No, NIPT including the IONA® test cannot be 100% accurate, it is a screening test, not a diagnostic procedure, which estimates the probability that the fetus is affected with Trisomy 21, 18 or 13.Accurate: The SAFE test correctly identifies over 99% of Down syndrome and other serious genetic disorders.