Police camera action speed dating

17-Jul-2017 07:49

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The next most-ticketed spot for mobile cameras was the A74M northbound at junction 13 where 3,163 drivers were caught paying £189,780.

Alex Johnstone, Scottish Conservative transport spokesman, blamed the camera safety partnerships, adding: “If speed cameras were designed to save lives, we'd place them outside schools and in other built-up residential areas.

"Instead, they're situated where these partnerships know they can get the most money from them.

Likewise, the 75 detections for last year on the Enniskillen-Lisbellaw A4 road compares with 172 speedsters the previous year.

ONLY a quarter of fixed speed cameras in West Yorkshire are actually switched on and catching offenders, new figures have revealed.

Next in line was Derrylin main street where 115 motorists breached the recently-introduced 30 mph limit.

The 10 roads where you are most likely to be caught speeding in. Way speed camera. Police, said "Exceeding the speed limit.… continue reading »

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Download Escort Live Radar and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. •‘Police Spotted’ speed trap alerts. Speed Camera Radar Detector… continue reading »

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The National Crime Agency and Hertfordshire Police. schools do not need to take any further action. Special Constabulary officers being trained in speed.… continue reading »

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Fewer than one third of fixed cameras actively catching speeding. All forces and speed camera. and police forces and safety camera.… continue reading »

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