Peerguardian p2p list not updating

27-Dec-2017 20:42

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You can also block ad, spyware, government and educational IPs.These all come from pre-built lists that are updated just about daily as IPs are changed. This list might come from other sources or from a buddy “in the know.” Either way, Peer Guardian makes it incredibly easy to add additional lists to your already robust IP list.

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Important note: Peer Block is a filtering tool only, and is only as good as the thoroughness of its blacklists.

In an effort to trap and prosecute people for abusing copyrighted movies and music, investigators often pose as P2P downloaders.

While they themselves share and download copyrighted files, these "posers" also scan and log your IP (internet protocol) address.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

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If you use bittorrents, e Donkey, Gnutella, or any other P2P network, then you are likely being scanned by investigators.Peer Guardian 2 protects your privacy by blocking IPs while you are downloading from your favorite P2P network.It knows which IPs to block, because it comes with several IP lists of known IP offenders.It also doesn’t hog up all your resources while running in the background.