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At the station, he told us, “[t]hey beat me up with all sorts of things—a bottle, iron, sticks. I am still feeling pain in my ribs because of the kick I received with the boot. The police removed their necklaces, the chains that were around their necks, and hit our penises on the table. Tremendous psychological and physical damage.” Most commonly, we heard accounts from boys in which they described instances of sexualized humiliation, such as being forced to run or fight naked, put naked in a cell visible to the public, stripped during interrogation, and ordered to expose themselves to female police officers. described being arrested with other boys when he was sixteen or seventeen years old for allegedly stealing a chicken. Early in the morning, the mother told us, four to six police cars came to the house. Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty, para.

I was telling the police, “it’s my first time, don’t beat me up,” but they didn’t listen to me. said he was arrested in Rabaul, East New Britain, in April 2003. Another one beat me with an iron bar to force me to tell what I had done. Gabriel R., age twelve, said that task force police beat him with an iron bar in front of his home in June 2004: They hit me on the face, and I had a swollen face and legs. He was about half a football field away from where I was. A lot of police say, “ If you don’t offer sex, we’ll take you to the cell.” So the women tend to offer sex to avoid this. They told us to stop because we were holding betel nut and smokes [which are illegal to sell in Goroka]. They stood us at the charging table and told us to take off our trousers and put our penises on the table. There was tremendous damage that took years to repair. In one case, we interviewed parents who said that their son, who they said was around eighteen years or younger, was arrested in July 2004 for breaking and entering. [168] Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), G.

They were trying to beat us up to make us say, but we couldn’t talk because we didn’t do that thing. They hit me with a stick, and I blocked it with my arm. Sixteen-year-old boy who described being beaten by police with a gun butt in 2003.

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In interviews with Human Rights Watch, children reported being severely beaten, shot, burned, and cut by police. [92] Human Rights Watch interview with seventeen-year-old boy, Port Moresby, September 16, 2004. I got up and started running and I ran to my parents. Then they brought some food for me and told me to eat the food. After I ate, they said, “ If you tell us the truth, we will stop belting you up.” There was blood running from my wrist and my legs. 2004 Zama Coursen-Neff/Human Rights Watch [60] Convention on the Rights of the Child, art. Similarly, the director of an NGO in Goroka told us, “[y]outh are the most targeted people who get victimized by police brutality . [63] Papua New Guinea, “ Initial Reports of States Parties Due in 2000,”para. [64] Human Rights Watch interview with seventeen-year-old boy, Goroka, September 22, 2004. They were about fifteen feet away at this point, outside of the barracks. They wanted me to eat the food so I would say everything. The police took him inside for questioning: There were two CID [criminal investigation division] officers questioning us . There’s a room where they take people for writing reports. Vendors told Human Rights Watch that police beat them and destroyed their betel nut and other goods. [62] Human Rights Watch interview with staff member of juvenile remand center, September 18, 2004. because they can’t defend themselves.” Human Rights Watch interview with Noami Yupae, co-coordinator, Eastern Highlands Family Voice Inc., Goroka, September 22, 2004. Although both children and adults who come into contact with police are at risk, children are especially vulnerable. A lot of small kids get belted up.” “ They remove their big police belt or use the gun butt.” “ Or the stick. They were kicking my hands, kicking my legs, bouncing me against the brick wall. [95] Human Rights Watch interview with boy under age eighteen, Wewak, September 19, 2004.

We heard mixed reports about whether police are more likely to use violence against children than adults, but those we interviewed who worked directly with children in conflict with the law told us that they were—that police could more easily intimidate children, that they viewed teenage boys as “raskols,” and that they sought out girls and young women for rape. The truncheon.” “ And the iron.” “ Any iron or stone they see on the ground here, they use it to belt people up.” — Three men in a Port Moresby urban settlement who had witnessed police beating children, September 16, 2004 The vast majority of children who are arrested are severely beaten by members of the police. I couldn’t open my mouth to eat and I still have pain. Then the officers took him to Boroko police station in Port Moresby, he told us: They put me in a room to make the statement. The policeman who kicked me earlier was there and the other one was writing my statement. [96] Human Rights Watch interview with twelve-year-old boy, Port Moresby, October 1, 2004. Special Rapporteur on Torture recommended "that female security personnel be present during interrogation of women detainees, as interrogation and detention of detainees by exclusively male personnel constitute conditions that may be conducive to rape and sexual abuse of women prisoners or the threat or fear thereof.” “ Report of the U.

Then, the mother told us, “ They said, ‘ Never rebuild your house.

Naked banana sex cult leader flees police. A cult leader in Papua New Guinea fled naked into the jungle after being confronted by police over allegations that he'd forced followers to have sex in public, with the promise that it would boost the banana harvest.… continue reading »

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Oct 7, 2017. During our time in the Tari area in Papua New Guinea, we visited three Huli villages. When we entered a Huli women's village where Huli men are not allowed to enter, but foreign men can, we were greeted by a 14 year-old girl who was using a pig to help cultivate what will become a sweet potato.… continue reading »

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Sep 25, 2012. Papua New Guinea, once home to cannibals, still has an exotic aura. The local tourist economy caters to those notions, and visitors may see a hybrid of the traditional and the modern.… continue reading »

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WHO Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. Medicinal Plants in Papua New Guinea. 1. Plants, Medicinal. 2. Papua New Guinea. ISBN 978 92 9061 249 0. purple appendix, peduncle and female zone of spadix lengthening greatly. corolla or only a perianth or naked and then united to a small, flower like.… continue reading »

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