Outlook inbox updating over and over

27-Feb-2018 16:08

[-] Fixed a character set in the window for editing sender address.

outlook inbox updating over and over-8

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The undeleted messages with status "Classified as Spam by header" are downloaded to email client during checking new mail. [*] (pro)The plug-in uses a common Junk mail folder if it exists for moving there the messages marked as spam.

The subsequent messages from such addresses are classified with a full set of antispam methods.

[*] (pro) Improved the stability of filtering IMAP accounts and message headers via POP3. version [*] Several fixes for compatibility with Windows 7 and some models of processors.

[*] The plug-in classifies large text messages faster. Version [ ] The additional internal whitelist of senders is added for preventing false positives. It adds to new whitelist the senders of several messages, classified with low spam ratio.

The senders of messages marked as spam are removed from the list permanently.Version [*] Minor UI updates and internal optimization.[-] Fixed the delays occurred when the plug-in was trained during downloading new mail.[*] (pro) URIBL service black.is removed due to it's bad performance. version [*] (pro) The plug-in filters IMAP accounts faster.

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