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09-Mar-2017 12:44

A year after that, it obvious to that there no going back so took her in for facial softeting surgery, voice surgery and a large breast augmentation.

To enhance her training in femininity, couple your rewards with dildo training; restrict cumming to only times when she has a dildo firmly in her pussy or deep in her mouth.

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The Inner Woman Feminizing her mind , she must be conditioned to think and act like a woman , show her how by being a girl, she is making you happy.

Look pleased and leave her feeling special and good about herself.

Pedicure manicure , long bright red finger nails and matching red toe nails, full make up applied semi-permanent , longer woman styled and streaked hair, hair extensions or wigs.

Pierce both her ears and install large dangling earrings so she won't be able to ignore them as they bang against her cheeks.Everything must go, even clothes that could pass for female attire.This is important to establish in his mind that this is a total change. Use feminizing products and constantly wear a corset, to nip in his slim waist and give his hips and butt a rounder look, Keep her on high heels stilettos 5” to 7” , to tone his legs and ankles and raise his arches even higher .This serves the dual purpose of stretching sissies out for easier penetration and as a constant reminder of him status.

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