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CBT is an approach that creates a variety of quality tourism pro-ducts and services that are environmentally and ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socially and psychologically acceptable.

Such approaches must further promote sustainable development by establishing a durable productive base that allows local inhabitants and tourism service providers to get benefits synergystically, without harming each other interests.

For instance, NGOs are not only providing training or capacity building but also look out for the interests and rights of the poor ? NGOs can also deal with international or national tour operators and the government, negotiating or lobbying on behalf of the community.

NGOs also market and sell tours through their global networks. Tour operators form an interface that tourists are comfortable dealing with.

In CBT a partial definition of Community could be “a group of people, not usually related to one another, sharing accommodation and behaving as a single household” may not work because CBT is a huge chain of supplies and services.

Mostly this chain spreads from a small village to nearby towns and sometimes beyond the boundaries of a country.

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Studded with alpine trees, Fairy Meadows gets its name from the legendary claim that fairies inhabit the meadow.

This supply chain links Villages A-B-C together by distributing means of livelihood, forming a Community.