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15-Dec-2017 19:16

Tourism businesses will have at least one Chinese payment system within 12 months, predicts TIA Chair Grant Webster.

TIA can help members achieve this through our We Chat partnership with Pay Plus.

Tens of thousands of Chinese visitors travel to New Zealand over this two week holiday.

Southern Lakes Helicopters, Te Anau I first read about Pay Plus and We Chat in the TIA newsletter.

They are offering TIA members a special introductory offer to help you take full advantage of We Chat.

Contact Pay Plus today to talk about We Chat and how it will benefit your business in time for the 2018 Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

We Chat is one of the most popular messaging and social media platforms in China, with 938 million monthly active users – 94% of who use the mobile app daily – and 600 million payment transactions per day globally.

More often than saying “thank you,” to a compliment, the Chinese often timidly deny or doubt the praise to the praiser. A common response to compliments is this: “哪里哪里 You flatter me (I’m not beautiful)!

It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Swiss army knife’ application because of its all-inclusive functionality combining everything from messaging, chat, phone calls, payment systems, e-commerce and more.

Pay Plus is TIA’s preferred We Chat service provider.

They accept on their device and then BAM, the payment comes through instantly on our portal which confirms to us that the payment has been accepted. Even less for us to do than a normal credit card transaction. The Online Portal has all the information you need, and even better no bits of paper to file away!

Pay Plus has been fantastic with any support required but it is such a simple user friendly system that very little support is needed.

Tourism New Zealand has launched 'One journey leads to another', a global campaign via TBWA Sydney.