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09-Aug-2017 23:59

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However, if you want to try sharing a workbook using public folders in Windows 8.1, for example, you must ensure that the homegroup has read/write sharing enabled.Click the “Left Column" option if categories are listed down the left side of the spreadsheet.To merge by position and not category, leave the “Top Row” and Left Column” check boxes empty. Click the first cell in the first spreadsheet to be merged, and then drag the cursor over all cells to merge.One alternative is to use Excel Online in One Drive.

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Multiple users can edit the same worksheet, and you can see which cells other users are editing in near real time.How can I set up public folders so that more than one person can save changes to an Excel spreadsheet at a time?Although it's possible to share an Excel workbook with multiple users and allow them to work on the file simultaneously, many users have reported problems with file corruption, overwritten data within worksheets and even worksheets that have lost all data.Lindros has also developed numerous college and corporate courses focused on IT security, Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Office.