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Ever the practical joker, he decided to have a little fun at their expense. Though it was just a joke, he said, "I was excited. "I always like it when I play Canada because if we're on a festival with six acts, chances are I don't know who maybe any of 'em are," Shelton said.

Recalling one particular incident, he said, "I saw that guy out there the day before. Once he heard Ell perform, "I was like, 'Let's go out and watch who that is.'" Shelton confessed that he was floored to see a "hot girl out there playing guitar—like shredding the guitar.

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“They’ve met with vendors,” a source told Us Weekly in 2016."In Oklahoma, it happens so fast," Shelton explained."Like, Miranda and I didn't have any kids, and we had a prenuptial agreement, or whatever we had.Gwen’s return as a coach should be interesting now that she and Blake are further into their relationship.

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There are reports that this has had an effect on their contracts with , purposely starts off with a party song and then goes into sadder music, a transition that reflects his personal life.Other stars, including Mark Wahlberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Judy Garland, have gotten hitched there previously.The celebrity couple has reportedly been making big plans for their wedding in hopes to tie the knot this year. According to Life & Style, they want to do one more thing first.Blake has suspected Miranda was living out a country cheating song for months.