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05-Oct-2017 17:36

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The questionnaire was developed in four phases: a comprehensive literature review, face and content validity, construct validity by factor analysis, and a reliability test by internal consistency and stability assessments.Results of different validity and reliability analyses suggest high face, content, and construct validity as well as good reliability in internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha: 0.68 to 0.8) and stability (test-retest: Spearman rank correlation coefficient: 0.60 to 0.76).

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The closer the correlation coefficient (r) is to 1.0, the stronger the correlation [].

In other words, when the questionnaires were returned in the envelopes, not even the research team was able to identify the participants.

Several statistical analyses were applied in the last stages of the pilot tests of constructed items for testing reliability and validity of the questionnaire.

A PA of 80 is usually regarded as a good level of test-retest reliability.

Internal consistency describes estimates of reliability based on the average correlation among items within a test or subscales [].

Moreover, by not addressing the complexity of cultural competence and what it should stand for, some of these studies may unintentionally reinforce stereotypes by reiterating certain cultural norms and distinctions as universal predictors for people’s behavior [].

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