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On top of that, we’ve found early handheld crossbow stocks with bronze triggers dating from the 6th Century BC.

Those have been found in Tombs 3 and 12 at Qufu, Shandong, which was the capital of the State of Lu.

Archaeologists have also located crossbows in Tomb 138 at Saobatang, Hunan, and have dated them back to the mid–4th Century BC.

Tomb 47 at Qinjiazui, Hubei is dated to around the 4th Century BC, and housed repeating crossbows.

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Such action put quite a bit of wear on the string, unfortunately.This is where the controvery sparks up, because some historians attribute the design of the repeating crossbow to a famous military advisor named Zhuge Liang (181–234 AD).At a minimum, Zhuge Liang improved the design of the repeating crossbow and made a version that shot two to three bolts at once, and was used in massed formations.It shoots projectiles that are sometimes called bolts or quarrels.